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Our Impact

Achieving measurable progress with sustainable aspirations​

The Opportunity​

  1. Unprecedented transformation and disruption underway in global energy markets – According to U.S. government estimates, renewable energy will become the world’s leading source of primary energy consumption by 2050 – outpacing even petroleum. The world cannot achieve targeted milestones solely from wind, solar and battery storage; alternatives are required.
  2. Due to declining costs, rising capacity factors, plus smarter grid storage, the renewable energy industry is primed for continued growth – Renewables are now the most economic sources of bulk power.
  3. Increasingly socially aware, environmentally conscious and purpose-driven populace – GIP’s investments and asset portfolio help de-fossilize the planet.
  4. Momentum behind a Green New Deal  – harnessing the power of coordinated policies to address the significant and interrelated challenges of environmental degradation, climate change, poverty, and energy insecurity.
  5. GIP is well positioned to deliver momentum and capital deployment to this sector while measuring and managing risks across assets to create long-term stakeholder value.

The Guidelines

  • GIP’s mission is rooted in a belief that if we closely align our activities with a responsible approach to environmental, social, and governance issues, we will return sustainable positive returns for investors and have a lasting impact to societies and communities 
  • GIP’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through our alignment with GRESB, the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • GIP’s investments in essential assets support the United Nations Sustainability Goals #5, 6, 7, and 12 to provide clean water & sanitation, affordable & clean energy and responsible consumption & production of resources.
  • GIP seeks to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for all stakeholders which include partnering with First Nations and Indigenous groups.

ESG & Corporate Responsibility​

GIP’s ESG Policy Highlights: ​

    1. ESG elements are a primary consideration when evaluating investment decisions
    2. Every element of operations should be as sustainable as feasibly possible
    3. GIP’s primary environmental goal is to reduce emissions by sourcing sustainable alternatives 
    4. Diversity provides value at every level of our organization
    5. By meeting or exceeding all labour standards, we set the foundation for excellent operations and reputation
    6. We prohibit investments in, or partnerships with, firms involved in ammunition, narcotics manufacturing or those promoting addictive substances or practices