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About Us

We are fundamentally committed to a transition to a clean energy future, diversity in every form, and the communities we serve.​

Green Impact Partners (“GIP”) is a clean technology and transition energy company. We are strategically positioned to lead the transition to green and sustainable by creating value from recycling, repurposing, and revaluing waste – whether that be by minimizing uncaptured emissions, promoting sustainable developments, or renewing underutilized infrastructure.

Our project and investment decisions will be focused on fundamental net zero principles. This means more than simply quantifying carbon emissions or using creative reporting to shift emissions from one sector to another – we will truly assess the full cycle of all environmental impacts related to business operations and decisions.

GIP has an organizational commitment to diversity in every form. We aspire to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups within the workplace, while highlighting and championing the benefits of respecting a variety of views and experiences. We are living in an exciting time of rapid technological innovation; bringing multiple perspectives to the table will be instrumental in keeping up with the pace of change necessary to combat complex problems like climate change.

Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Geeta Sankappanavar

Chair of the Board of Directors

Alicia Dubois

Board of Directors

Bruce Chan

Board of Directors

Jeff Hunter

Board of Directors


Jesse Douglas

Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors

Kathy Bolton

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolaus Kiefer

Executive Strategic Advisor

Rhonda Stanley

Vice President, Clean Energy Marketing

Mark Kiddell

Vice President, Green Initiatives

Jeff Myers

Special Advisor, Development

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Locations where Green Impact Partners make a difference.