Future Energy Park

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Project Overview

North America’s Largest Carbon Negative RNG and Ethanol Project

  • An innovative clean energy project connecting Alberta’s agriculture and energy sectors
  • A net CO2 negative renewable biofuels facility
  • Uses low-grade wheat to produce renewable natural gas and ethanol

Project Update

On December 8, 2023, the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas issued approval under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) to construct and operate the Future Energy Park – a major milestone for the Project. In addition to the EPEA approval, Future Energy Park Inc. has filed its Development Permit Application with the City of Calgary for review and approval. Subject to the close of financing, construction is anticipated to start in 2024 with completion anticipated in 2026.

Project Benefits

Future Energy Park will provide direct benefits to the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta including:

  • Approximately 800 jobs over 24 months during construction and 100 direct and indirect jobs during operations
  • Direct revenue of over $150 million annually to rural wheat producers
  • Provincial and municipal tax revenues
  • Repurposed by-products including cattle feed and fertilizer

Each year, approximately 11% to 13% of wheat produced in Canada does not meet Grade A Standards, meaning it is not suitable for human consumption. Future Energy Park processes this wheat into renewable biofuels.

Where is the Facility Located?

Located within the City of Calgary, Future Energy Park is in an industrial area southeast of the intersection of Peigan and Stoney Trail SE.

Access to the parcel will be from 84 Street SE along the boundary of Rocky View County and the City. The plant will be constructed and operated on a 21 hectare site (52 acre) on lands designated for industrial use (Direct Control District – 7D2023).

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What are the Components of the Facility? 

Working with a team of architects, engineers, planners, environmental specialists, and landscape architects, the plant will be a landmark facility showcasing the technological ingenuity involved in the production of renewable fuels.

Our team is developing conceptual architectural plans reflective of a modern energy facility.


Where Alberta’s Agriculture and Energy Sectors Meet 

Future Energy Park will consist of many different parts that all work together in creating sustainable biofuels.


Future Energy Park and the Environment 

Air Emissions

The facility will be equipped with emissions control technology to meet Alberta’s Ambient Air Quality Objectives. Air modelling has confirmed that emissions will be below provincial and federal limits.

Heritage resources

Alberta Culture and Status of Women have reviewed our application under the Heritage Resources Act and has granted an approval for the Project under the Act.


The facility will be illuminated to ensure safety at the site and will abide by the City of Calgary’s lighting requirements.


The Project will not result in significant changes to existing ambient noise levels and the facility will comply with applicable provincial and municipal noise requirements.


Future Energy Park is a fully contained facility that will limit odours from its processes. Future Energy Park continues to work with design engineers to implement mitigation for odour containment.


Safety is paramount and considered in every aspect of the facility’s design from construction through to operations. A site-specific emergency response plan will be developed and reviewed by local emergency services to incorporate their knowledge and expertise.


This area is zoned for future industrial development by both the City of Calgary and Rocky View County. Accordingly, the road network has been planned for anticipated increases in traffic volumes. Future Energy Park will work with its contractor throughout construction to lessen any potential disruption to the area. Prior to operations, Future Energy Park will undertake upgrades to the intersection of 84 Avenue SE and Frontier Road to improve overall functionality and accommodate increased truck traffic.

Vegetation and Soils

Vegetation and soils assessments have been completed and there are no anticipated effects to rare plants, since potential for suitable habitat is very low, and problematic soils were identified.

Wetlands and Waterbodies

Wetlands on the Project site have been assessed and the Project team has submitted an application to Alberta Environment and Parks to offset wetland disturbance in accordance with the Alberta Wetland Policy. There are no natural watercourses located on or adjacent to the Project site.


Impacts to sensitive wildlife species are not anticipated since the site is currently cultivated and surrounded by major roadways and industrial areas, limiting suitable wildlife habitat.

Power Generation Details

Future Energy Park will use high efficiency gas fired cogeneration technology to produce electricity, steam, and hot water for use on-site.

The cogeneration plant will be equipped with two gas turbines, two (2) heat recovery steam generators, and two (2) exhaust stacks. The plant will have output of 30 MW (nominal) with any surplus being supplied to the local electrical grid.

The cogeneration plant will be enclosed within a building that is connected to a 25 kilovolt (kV) switchyard located within the boundaries of the site. ENMAX will connect the switchyard to the electrical distribution system. 

The cogeneration plant will use natural gas supplied by an existing pipeline adjacent to the site.

Land Use and Development Permits

The City of Calgary approved the land use redesignation for the Future Energy Park on January 17, 2023, granting approval of an Industrial Direct Control District allowing for the production of biofuels, dry distilled grains, and the capture of CO2.

In December 2023, the project team submitted the Development Permit application required for construction and operation of the facility.

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Project Timelines

The following timelines are currently anticipated and are subject to change. 

Timeline Update 20231212


City of Calgary – Land Use Redesignation and Development Permit

The City of Calgary approved the land use redesignation for the Future Energy Park on January 17, 2023, granting approval of an Industrial Direct Control District allowing for the production of biofuels, dry distilled grain, and the capture of CO2. The development permit application is currently under review with the City of Calgary.

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Alberta Utilities Commission

The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) is responsible for the review and approval of the proposed cogeneration plant. On July 12, 2023, the AUC granted approval to the Future Energy Park Inc., to construct and operate the cogeneration plant. Further information on their regulatory process can be found at www.auc.ab.ca or by contacting our Project team.

Alberta Utilities Comission

Alberta Energy Regulator

Future Energy Park Inc. is working with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) to determine permitting requirements for pipelines that may be needed for the facility.

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